Too little Emotion or Too much Intellect

stumbling blocks

Failure is always due to an antagonistic auto-suggestion by the patient, arising from objective doubt of the power of medicine or relic, or from doubt of the truth of the theory. Many of us, either from too little emotion or too much intellect, both of which are stumbling blocks in the way or prayer, cannot believe that which our sense deny. To force ourselves to believe will end in greater doubt. To avoid such counter-suggestions, the patient should be unaware, objectively, of the suggestions which are made to him. The most effective method of healing or influencing the behavior of others consists in what is known as “the silent or absent treatment”.

When the subject is unaware, objectively, of the suggestion given him there is no possibility of him setting up an antagonistic belief. It is not necessary that the patient know, objectively, that anything is being done for him.

No one need be entranced, in the ordinary manner, to be helped. If the subject is consciously unaware of the suggestion, and if the suggestion is given with conviction and confidently accepted by the operator as true, then you have the ideal setting for a successful prayer.

Represent the subject to yourself mentally as though he had already done that which you desire him to do. Mentally speak to him and congratulate him on having done what you want him to do. Mentally see him in the state you want him to obtain. Within the circle of its action, every word subjectively spoken awakens objectively, what it affirms. Incredulity on the part of the subject is no hindrance when you are in control of your reverie. ~Neville Goddard, Resurrection

Today’s I AM Statement #IAMSTATEMENTS

Come forth, “Mighty I AM Presence”! Manifest Thy Mighty Miracles of Perfection instantly; and see that only the greatest, most transcendent good comes out of this occurrence forever.

Adorations & Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.



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One Response to Too little Emotion or Too much Intellect

  1. av says:

    this is something very important for physicians. and to my knowledge, almost no one knows about it.


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