Sydney Chase


This blog is from the Host of  The Indigo Room Talk Show and Author of Mind Garden of Eden, Sydney Chase. You will find information about the show,  and the musings of Sydney here. E-mail us directly You can listen and interact on The Indigo Room by going to and entering our show ID# 33443 in the search window.

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The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality Talk Show is now on Facebook.  You can listen live from your FaceBook account or become a fan of Sydney or the show.  Click the link above to Add me as a friend. : )) The Indigo Room:Creating Our Reality Fan Page


One Response to Sydney Chase

  1. Tracie Pippenger says:

    Hi Sydney,

    I just wanted to let you know that I very recently discovered your podcast and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I started by listening to more recent eps with the Neville stuff and have now gone back and started listening to all of them from the very first ep. I love your energy. Your guests are so interesting. Being from Australia, I just thoroughly enjoy your accent. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter. I kind of Facebook with but since I can’t facebook you directly, I wanted to send you this note to show my appreciation for the amazing job you do. Much Hugs Tracie.


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