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My Real Second Life Creating my Reality

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My Real Second Life


IndigoQueen Zamani (SL) hosts her talk show at Indigo Room Studio inside Second Life
October 18, 2007 was day that would change my view of virtual online worlds forever.
For this is the day I was prodded by my youngest son to join the virtual 3D online world in
Second Life. He said, “Mom come on it will be fun and we will be able to hang out
together.” He lives in Pennsylvania and I in New York City. I did not quite get his meaning.
“Hang out together? Playing a Virtual Reality Game?” I asked.

Being the host of an online talk show, running three myspace pages, two websites, two
blogs, booking guests for the show, promoting it, and doing all of the technical stuff for it
as well, just did not make any kind of sense to join another thing that would occupy my
time. I was already spread too thin as it was. Though I enjoy video games I just did not
have time, and I also did not want to become addicted to playing a game when I had
so much on my plate already. That was my thinking. However, he ’got’ me by
mentioning that I could promote my radio show in this virtual space, which intrigued me.
Since it was free to join, I decided to have a look at what all the fuss was about.

Second Life blew me away! I realized that Second Life was not a game at all. Not only
were there no rules or predetermined outcomes, as with other virtual worlds, there were
unlimited opportunities for me to be, do, have and create what ever I wanted to and at
relatively little cost to boot. I was hooked! But not in the way that I thought I would be,
no sir! It was because I realized almost immediately the huge spiritual potential of this
online world to be able to reach out to people in ways I had never imagined before.

Why was this so delicious to me? Let me explain.

In my first life, my name is Sydney Chase and I host my own online Spiritual talk show called
The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality. On my show we discuss all things spiritual and by
that I mean that everything we experience can be considered a spiritual event. My
opening motto for the show whether we chooses to believe it or not is that “we are all
non-physical beings having human experiences”.

My conscious spiritual journey began many years ago but it all started to come together l
ike a jigsaw puzzle in 2005 when I first learned of an ethereal spiritual teacher named Abraham,
a collective group of nonphysical beings who communicated their message to the world channeled
through a woman called Esther Hicks. After reading their book Ask and It is Given (
the journey I had been making and, my experiences all began to really make sense. From that moment on,
life started to become incredible. I started to enjoy my experiences even the ones that I did not like.

Esther and Jerry Hicks based their book on the belief that you only have to ask for
something and it will be given, whether you realize this consciously or not. This they have
named The Law of Attraction. The book outlines 22 processes that when applied
deliberately will assist you in releasing resistance to manifesting and or creating the things
you want to attract in your life. Although I had already experienced the results of these
Laws in my own life without consciously knowing what or how it was working, I now had
an explanation of how I was able to manifest things I had previously asked for
unconsciously. Knowing this, I was able to deliberately use the processes to manifest
things I wanted in my life. One of the processes I had been using quite a bit was the very
apt ’Virtual Reality Process’. They encourage you to create a virtual reality (vividly
imagine) of something you want in your life that you believe FEELS GOOD and allowing
yourself to experience this ’make believe’ reality without holding any beliefs that you
could not have what you desired.

Abraham describes this Art of Allowing process in great detail and is something I love to
play with in my mind as it makes me feel good and has the effect of lowering my resistance
to believing I can have what I want to do, be or have. But, yes there is a but….teeehee I am v
ery hard-headed and never the less had loads of resistance going on with me. So I find it helps to do
the processes regularly.

Second Life makes it easy for me to ’practice’ the Virtual Reality process on a level never
before available to me. According to the Law of Attraction, asking for what we want
has to be charged with vibrational energies that will draw what we want into our lives.
Simply put, you have to take the emotional journey first and ’feel it real’. When you feel
something real you live something as if you are already experiencing having the thing
you want. In essence, The Law of Attraction states that ’you attract more of what you
focus on in accordance with the emotional vibration you offer up to universe. Specific
thoughts will generate a quality of vibration that is equal to its energetic vibration to
which the Universe will responds every single time, even when you are not aware of how
the Laws of attraction work. But thoughts themselves alone do not create, emotions themselves
alone do not create but it is the combination of the two that equals ourvibrational offering and
which drives our creation engine.

Without re-writing the book here; it’s main message is that your life is supposed to be fun,
delicious and filled with joy. In knowing this, your task is to deliberately decide to make
choices based on what you believe will bring you these wonderful experiences and ask
for them to be present in your life through the art of allowing; that is all. Many and varied
techniques have been utilized in the fields of personal development in order to,
knowingly or not, assist people in creating this state of allowing. Such processes including
visualizations, positive affirmations and even symbolic action have been used either in
isolation or combined methods. But to me, Second Life is the ultimate manifestation tool
that elegantly and deliciously rolls all these techniques into one joyously creative and fun
process in a world where its whole ethos is focused on helping its residents create a
virtual ’reality’ experience.

In Second Life I get to live my dreams both literally and virtually right in front of my real life
and virtual face in fully blown, 3D color graphics in stereo sound. I get to meet fellow
Avatars (digital characters) from all corners of the real life world who are also in the
process of creating their virtual reality dreams as well. But the coolest thing about living
in a virtual reality world is that I get to interact with my dreams in real time allowing me to
put my dreams in to virtual ’action’immediately. As with the law of attraction, every spiritual
teacher I have ever known, including and after the time of Jesus have taught the importance
of using imagination to create your own reality.

Second Life residents (Avatars) are more than just pixels on my computer screen, they
represent living breathing people, with feelings, emotions and more importantly the
ability to make choices about who and what they become, have do or be in the virtual
world. Just as we are more than just flesh, blood and bone moving around a virtual
world we call earth, our earthly physical avatar possesses a guiding and loving force
that, if we allow it, will provide us with the inherent joyful experiences that represent our
natural state of being. In this world, as in other worlds, there is a bigger part of us not
visible to the naked eye that can be known, experienced and felt.

So the question I am minded to ask is; is this virtual reality really my second life or is it my
third? And do they not merge into one bigger life representing One huge expansion of
the All that I am? In my mind, my ’first’ life is of the non-physical aspect, the bigger part
of me that chose to reincarnate to these earthly realms of time and space in order to
experience the unfolding of life and co-create my reality through my ’physical’ being.

My ’second’ life is as Sydney Chase, who is expanding the non-physical part of me
through my physical being and my imagination here on planet earth. And now my life
as Sydney has taken on an another level of expansion through my virtual avatar known
as IndigoQueen Zamani as a resident of Second Life; Ahhh quite delicious indeed!

My born date here in this Second Life Virtual Reality the day Sydney breathed life into
IndigoQueen Zamani was much like my born date as Sydney into this world we all like to
call “Real Life”. Yet I do not remember my “Real Life” day as well ….teehee. But there are
similarities yes? I was born equal to everyone else and everyone equal to me, had to
learn how to walk, talk, eat, feed myself, etc etc. It’s the same in Second Life(SL). We all
enter on arrival as equals, having to learn how to walk, sit, move around, communicate,
and decide which second life realities we want to create. Both, my real and second
lives are equally compelling. and can be just as delicious.

As a person who loves to live by the dictum, I create my own reality, I come to Second
Life, as it was named by its creators, Linden Labs, to give flavor and color to my life as a
whole, as Sydney Chase and IndigoQueen Zamani to expand my imagination to the
possibilities. As a result, I find that my “real life” has taken on a new dimension. Things that
I wanted to be do and have are manifesting rather quickly in Second Life and in my “real
life” as well. So to my awesome amazing son I say thank you. I know now that my second
life is not a game, rather, it is truly the leading edge of expanding my Universe to more.

Personally, I cannot wait to see what I create next in my Real Second Life

Peace Love and Light
Sydney Chase – aka IndigoQueen Zamani (SL) hosts The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality

Some Photos from my Real Second Life

Me sitting on a Flower…: ))

Woohoo I just love my bike

It’s good to be the Queen!!

Hanging with some friends on my Merry Go Round a gift for Christmas

Dancing with a Dragon

Playing my violin another christmas gift for the friend who gave it to me…: ))) on her beautiful garden roof.

Enjoying some meditation time with a special friend…: ))

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The Manifest-Station @8pm 12/17/07 Episode-58

The 24 hour spiritual online Network

Ryan Bloom, Glenn Brubaker, Len Wright

Watch The Manifest-Station

The Manifest Station is a world-changing project that began with the simple thought of “what if?” From there it evolved into the more complex idea of “wouldn’t it be great if?”
Using the Laws of Attraction and following our Emotional Guidance Systems, we have been able to co-create a blessed space – a central gathering place for those intending to raise individual and collective consciousness, ultimately bettering our world from the inside out. The journey from a non-physical idea to the physical manifestation of our television channel has been absolutely ripe with moments of exquisite synchronicity and jaw-dropping, blissful experience. If there is one thing that we have learned from this, it’s that once the rules of the game of life are understood and followed, there is no end to the astounding joys unveiled through the process of deliberate creation.

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Happy Thanksgiving & Abiola Abrams 11/19/07 @8pm EDT Episode-47

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Manifestation Mondays, Sixth Sense,~The Wave 11:11, Abiola Abrams, 10/15/07 Episode-35

Click Here for Episode-35

Manifestation Mondays

Have you got a story you would like to share that would inspire another? Of course you do!! You can call in tonight to share it on the air yourself…or send us an e-mail and we will read it over the air for you…: )

The Goddess Factory Moment with Abiola Abrams.


Sixth Sense Myspace
“LIVE TO CREATE.” Internationally-bred (Germany, Croatia, New York, Cali), Cali-fed. Born with passion to create, empower & enjoy life to the fullest ,Hip Hop Artist SixthSense realized his vision: unleash fire from within and bring music that not only entertains, but questions and often inspires. SixthSense realizes the power of his generation to create a mindblowin new reality for all – without any limits! Along with The Grad, SixthSense created to entertain & inspire compassion worldwide. 2007: in the lab – working on a debut album. Movie on the way. Hip-hop is about to change reality as we know it. The way is was meant to.

~ The Wave 11:11
The flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can set off a storm in Texas. Isn’t that an amazing statement? Physicists call this theory “The Butterfly Effect” to explain how the breeze produced by a butterfly’s wings could set off a series of reverberations that over time have a tremendous affect on weather patterns thousands of miles away. Now imagine the impact of millions of butterflies… Currently on earth there is a “quickening” where more and more people are realizing there is much more to reality than meets the eye and are beginning to explore their consciousness. As we open up to the higher consciousness, we allow in a powerful energetic force which guides our individual evolutionary journey if we allow it to. At 11:11 am in your time zone on November 11th, 2007, we are going to unite together in Song, Prayer and Meditation for one complete hour. Search your heart and you will intuitively know the intentions in your role in healing the planet. Straddling the equator and bordering the International Date Line to the east, the people of the Republic of Kiribati will start ~ Wave 11:11~ and it will be passed around the planet until the final destination of the Republic of Marshall Islands, and the full day of wave energy flow will be completed.

Additional 11:11 Information

The Music on tonights show 10/15/07
Conscious PilotPan Electric
“Rising Slowly” (mp3)
from “Conscious Pilot”
(Absolute Ambient)

Buy at Absolute ambient/7 DIGITAL
Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

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A Different High & Musically Inclined Tonight 8pm 10/1/07 Episode 31

A Different High & Musically Inclined Episode 31

Shon Daily
Shon is Creating his own Reality and experiencing a Different High today and how The Secret got the ball rolling for him. If you know someone who is wanting to release themselves from addictions his story will inspire you. It ain’t over til it’s over.

Sean Daily

Sean lead male vocalist of the band Indigo6 is Creating his own Reality unfolding his music career using the Law of Attraction and Spiritual Laws of the Universe.

The Music on tonights show 10/01/07
Spiritual ChilloutMysteria
“In My Soul” (mp3)
from “Spiritual Chillout”
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Manifestation Mondays/The Butterfly Experiment

Manifestation Stories from people using The Law
of Attraction. Click the Banner Below Click here to make your own myspace banners from!

Every Third Monday on The Indigo Room is Manifestation Mondays…: ) We have a guest of course at the top of our show then we open the floor to The Indigo Room Chat room to discuss LOA (Law of Attraction Stories) So if you have a story that you would like to share….please do join us. No Story is too small or too large to share. Maybe you manifested a button, a dollar, a smile, a hug, a new expanded thought, a shift in your vibration or awareness. Your story may not feel significant to you or seem small but I have to say…that everyone has a story that encourages another to reach higher or to expand their own thoughts…so don’t be shy…: ) All is well and I know you have a story to tell…: ) Show ID # 33443 The Indigo Room

We would also like to welcome a new addition to The Indigo Room Family, Ms. Abiola Abrams.
Each and every Monday at 8:45pm join us for The Goddess Factory Moment with Abiola Abrams.

With that I want to tell you about our Guest for our Manifestation Mondays series this month.

Join us on Monday August 20, 2007 when we chat with Lori Hahmann. Lori has started a unique experiment called The Butterfly Experiment. And we, Diana and I thought she would fit right into our Manifestation Mondays Series rather well. She is alot of fun and you are going to enjoy listening and chatting with her. Join us as we particpate with Lori in The Butterfly Experiment. Here is a little bit about Lori and The Butterfly Experiment.

Lori Hahmann

Lori has worked with women and men from all walks of life…on relationships, career goals or changes, finding your passion in life, creating more money, work and life balance, reducing stress, managing overwhelm, finding peace, creating health and wellbeing, releasing blocks and limiting beliefs….Her background: * Masters degree in Counseling from UW Oshkosh * Bachelors degree in Sociology from the UW Green Bay * Formal Coach training from Coach University * Certified Tele-class Leader by Thomas Leonard * Certified Strategist by Thomas Leonard * Certified to facilitate the Personal Foundation Program * Certified College and Career Coach by LifeGuides * Advanced training in energy and metaphysics-University of Integrated Science California * Certified Tachyon Healing Practitioner * Certified Adamantine Healing System Practitioner * Level III SYNERGIA Practitioner


You will learn about the Law of Attraction, setting intention, and allowing things to flow in life…namely, for the purpose of this experiment…BUTTERFLIES!

For years my children and I have “called” them in, and I began to think about how wonderful it would be to have a group of us come together and do this as a manifestation exercise….wow and no kidding…as I write this a butterfly just flew past my window. Love it. For more information go to , to join in the experiment and participate click here and send a blank email to

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